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Quick Tips: How to Store Dry-Cleaned Clothes

Storing dry cleaned clothes? Remove them from their plastic bags and put them into ventilated cotton bags. Plastic can let mold or mildew form and cause leather or suede to dry out.


Cole: I'm Detective Phelps. I'm here to try and help Julia. Do you mind answering some questions?

Virginia: Virginia Reynoldson. I'm just so shocked. I feel like there's something I should be doing. Someone I should call.

Cole: We can make those calls, ma'am. Who needs to be notified?

Virginia: That's just it, I don't know. Miss Julia doesn't have any family in town. Someone has to set her affairs in order. Mr. Henderson, maybe. Who else is there? I don't know.

Cole: If you give the details to the other detectives, ma'am, they can try and get in contact. Was Miss Randall depressed about something? Upset?

Virginia: No more than normal.

Cole: What are you hiding here, Mrs. Reynoldson? Julia was obviously disturbed about something.

Virginia: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Cole: She was taking barbiturates. She couldn't sleep. You must have seen them in her room.

Virginia: You've seen the pill box, the things she hid in there. I don't know how she supported herself. Always new clothes and jewelry. She lived like a movie star, a princess. Does modeling really pay that well?

Cole: Did Miss Randall have many friends visit?

Virginia: I'm not sure. I only come around twice a week.

Cole: Why are you lying to me Mrs. Reynoldson? Julia had men stay here.

Virginia: I will not speak ill of the dead. You can't prove that.

Cole: Who owns the smoking jacket?

Virginia: I wouldn't like to tell tales, you understand. But that's Mr. Henderson's. An older man, very distinguished looking. He seemed very much in love with her.

Cole: Where would we find him?

Virginia: I'm sorry, I don't know. He said he lives in San Francisco.

Cole: What was it like working for Miss Randall?

Virginia: Perfectly fine, Officer.

Cole: Mrs. Reynoldson, it seems like there's something you want to tell me.

Virginia: She was very high strung. Lovely one moment, and screaming at you the next. She wanted it all and she wanted it damn quick. Of course, being so beautiful, it seemed like she was going to get it. Not the way it's turned out though, is it?

Cole: Thanks, Mrs. Reynoldson. You have been very helpful. One of the other detectives will take your statement and then you can go home. Stefan, Rusty, we'll take a look around outside and then follow up these leads. Can you get some guys to run down the jacket?

Partner: You think Caruthers has called it right?

Cole: He rarely gets it wrong.

Partner: I don't know. I'm with Galloway. I've met enough girls in my time who can't handle their dope.

Cole: Mal will be pleased.

Partner: Well, that's hardly conclusive, given the number of those we've come across recently.

Cole: The autopsy will confirm it one way or another. You're behind the wheel.

Partner: Where are we going? Bekowsky, Galloway, quite the little reunion in there. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

Cole: They're good police.

Partner: How would you know? You got promoted so fast you barely had time to learn their names. Let me fill you in, Bekowsky's a pushover, Galloway's a drunk.

Cole: You could learn a thing or two from both of them.

Partner: Please. They couldn't work a vice case if their life depended on it.

Cole: I don't see why they'd be any better or worse at it than me.

Partner: I notice you said, "better." Hubris disguised as humility. Kind of your trademark, don't you think?

Cole: Why do you always twist everything? Galloway's got nothing to prove. He's been on homicide for years.

Partner: And he's welcome to it. You're a terrier, Phelps, and that's what I need. Not some old bulldog who can't get up a flight of stairs without coughing up his lunch.

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