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Quick Tips: How to Store Firewood

Got firewood? Store it at least 15 feet from your home's foundation, so if termites get into the woodpile, they won't spread to your home.


Man 1: 187 at 58th 10 Miranda Avenue, Homicide wants you over there. The coroner thinks the broad was whacked using the army morphine. Don't say anything, Roy. Just get over there.

Man 2: I don't know who's [inaudible 00:00:23].

Roy: What's with that get up of yours anyway? They should start introducing us as, "Detective Earle and this is my science teacher, Mr. Phelps."

Phelps: You interest in my appearance is starting to get me worrying.

Roy: Like it or not, we're a dysfunctional couple now. People judge me with you on my arms, same way with a fat broad with the five o'clock shadow.

Phelps: I really hope you're joking, Roy.

Roy: You think those Vice boys get any on the side? You seem distracted.

Phelps: We recovered the morphine.

Roy: Some of it might be unaccounted for. So what, that's life. We did our job.

Phelps: Closing one case opens another.

Roy: Do you have any idea what it's really going on while we are wasting our time following this stuff?

Phelps: Are you going to tell me?

Roy: A deal is being done right now and it will change the face of LA forever, and we're wasting our time on some hump.

Phelps: Someone's little girl.

Roy: Visit the morgue at the end of the month when the John and Jane dose are cremated. They're percentages, the odds fall against lightening striking.

Man 3: Second floor Apartment 6, in the back.

Phelps: Thanks.

Mal: Bukowsi. You made homicide.

Bukowski: That I did. Good to see you, Phelps.

Rusty: You two want to hug. Or can we get on with this?

Bukowski: Relax Rusty. 26 years old, fashion model. Found in the tub by the cleaning lady, Mrs. Ronaldson. She called it in.

Phelps: We heard Carruthers thinks . . .

Rusty: Carruthers likes to make work for people. Overdose of sleeping pills. Falls asleep in the tub, rest in peace, case close.

Roy: Here, here,

Bukowski: Mal is 100% that it's murder.

Phelps: You mind if I take a look around?

Roy: Sure. Go right ahead.

Mal: Phelps?

Phelps: Mal, we've had a look around. Rusty thinks it's a waste of time. What's your theory?

Roy: Come on Mal. Tell us why we're dragged down here.

Mal: If the victim was alive when she entered the tub, water would have entered her lungs. The water is violently churned in the wind pipe as she drowns. The result is that a lot of foam is generated. This foam is found at the mouth and nostrils in almost all cases of real drowning. Noticed anything about our vic?

Phelps: May I take a look?

Mal: Be my guest.

Roy: Take a close look at her head and neck.

Phelps: The neck is brushed pretty badly. A very unusual ring.

Mal: I could be wrong, but it looks like a black sapphire.

Phelps: Bruising on the fore arms and these look like bite marks.

Mal: Very good. Eyes are a classic sight of morphine and the bruises tell their own story. I think one man held her down and another held her arm and injected her. They put her in the bath to try to cover it as a drowning.

Phelps: And spread a trail of barbiturates.

Mal: Take a look around outside on your way out, and see if you can find the syrettes. It would make my theory.

Phelps: Morphine would have been very quick. And there wouldn't have been much of a struggle.

Mal: Okay. So find two guys who recently bought syrettes and weren't junkies, and you might be on to something.

Man 4: This is her in these photos? She's something else.

Woman: Yes, Miss Julia was.

Man 4: Pretty girl like that? Maybe she was having trouble with some boys?

Phelps: Looks like barbituates.

Man 4: Couldn't take it anymore. So she ran herself a bath and downed some pills and then she just drifted off.

Woman: I don't know. Miss Julia, she always had so much fire, so much drive. I'm sorry.

Phelps: Barbituates. What else is rattling around in this thing?

Man 4: There, there. It's okay.

Phelps: We should speak to her doctor. Prescribing both drugs would make her life a roller coaster.

Quality English smoking jacket. I don't know anyone under forty-five who would wear one.

Could have been a modeling assignment. It's a place to start.

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