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Quick Tips: How to Store Metal Tools for Winter

Ready for winter? Store metal shovels and garden tools in a dry space with the heads pointing upwards to help prevent rusting.


Woman 1: I don't mind that you're talking so long as you don't mind that I'm not listening.

Mrs. Stanley: Well, hello. What can I help you with today?

Phelps: LAPD ma'am.

Mrs. Stanley: I hope I haven't done anything wrong.

Phelps: No, ma'am. We're making some inquiries about Julia Randall. Does she work here?

Mrs. Stanley: No, I had to let her go. Is she in some sort of trouble?

Phelps: She was found dead this morning. How long had Julia worked as a model?

Mrs. Stanley: She worked in New York before coming here. She was a very beautiful girl.

Phelps: Could you tell us why you let Miss Randall go?

Mrs. Stanley: Husbands sometimes come in here with their wives. When Julia Randall modeled, the husbands were often more interested in her than they were their wives' dresses. The wives weren't happy and neither was I.

Phelps: Did she have any close friends here?

Mrs. Stanley: Actually, yes. Heather Swanson. Would you like to speak with her?

Phelps: I'd like that very much. Please don't inform her about Miss Randall's death.

Mrs. Stanley: Very well, Officer. Heather? These gentlemen are from the LAPD.

Phelps: I'm Detective Phelps, this is Detective Earle. I understand that you worked with Julia Randall, Miss Swanson?

Heather: Yes. Julia helped me get my job here. She's not in any kind of trouble, is she?

Phelps: She's a hell-raiser, isn't she? Lives a fast life.

Heather: Oh, no. Maybe Mrs. Stanley would call her that but I wouldn't. She's full of life, full of wonderful company.

Phelps: That's a lovely engagement ring.

Heather: Do you like it? Henry gave it to me.

Phelps: I'm very interested in engagement rings. Do you mind if I take a closer look? That's some pearl, Miss Swanson, would have cost Henry a fortune. He must really love you. How did you meet Julia?

Heather: I was introduced, through my fiance, Henry Arnett.

Phelps: Henry is your beau? Tell us about him.

Heather: Yes, he is. Henry has a fashion business. He and Julia have been friends for years.

Phelps: Are Miss Randall and Mr. Henderson engaged?

Heather: Who's he?

Phelps: She was wearing a sapphire engagement ring. Someone must have given it to her.

Heather: She never mentioned a man named Henderson to me.

Phelps: That's all for now, Miss Swanson. Could you ask your fiance to visit Hollywood Police Station? It would be very helpful to our inquiry.

Heather: Now, wait a moment. I don't think I'll pass on that message until you tell me why you're asking all these questions.

Phelps: Julia Randall was found dead this morning.

Heather: What? Oh, oh no! Oh, I can't believe it. She was so full of life.

Phelps: Cole Phelps. Badge 12-47.

Woman 2: How can I help detective?

Phelps: Any messages?

Woman 2: Yes, Detective. The coroner has been asking to speak to you. I can connect the call if you like?

Phelps: Please. Thank you. Mal?

Mal: Cole, can you get over here? I've just finished the autopsy.

Phelps: Sure thing, Mal. We'll be right over.

You drive. I need to go over the case notes.

Earle: Fine. Where are we headed? Nice move not telling old sweet lips in there about her friend taking the big jump till we were half out the door. Very slick.

Phelps: I figured we'd get more out of her that way.

Earle: You're learning, Phelps. We'll make a Vice cop out of you yet.

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