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Quick Tips: How to Store Out-of-Season Clothes

Short on closet space? Attach a wooden rod or metal pipe to attic rafters to hang out-of-season clothing. Just don’t overload it.


Man 1: That's the one. About a week ago this guy murdered his wife and dumped the body. That's the cop who put him away.

Man 2: You are a modest little person.

Malcolm: Cole, Roy, I have some information for you.

Roy: You're the only person enjoying this, Mal. Get on with it.

Malcolm: The bruising confirms two sets of hands. So we have two killers. Death was caused by heart failure due to an overdose of morphine.

Roy: Have you dragged us down here to gloat? We already heard your theory.

Malcolm: We agree that she was murdered?

Cole: Yes. Of course.

Malcolm: I have something else to show you.

Roy: All right, Mal. What gives?

Malcolm: The dead guy's name's Jimmy Leblanc. Career burglar. He came in this morning. Someone stove his head in with a lump of two by four.

Roy: So what? Good riddance.

Malcolm: I found two syrettes in his jacket pocket.

Cole: Wow! Hang on a minute, Roy. We're listening, Mal.

Malcolm: No sign of morphine use and no metabolized morphine in his blood. Scratch marks on his face.

Roy: Which could be from getting his head remodeled.

Cole: Time of death, Mal?

Malcolm: Maybe an hour or two after the Randall girl.

Roy: So you're saying laughing boy here could be one of our killers? That's a hell of a long shot.

Cole: Thanks, Mal. We'll check it out.

Malcolm: I found something else.

Cole: Sorry, I don't play.

Malcolm: I don't know if it's significant. His wallet was empty. The only other things he was carrying were the harmonica and the morphine. Carruthers. Yeah, he's here. I'll send them over. They have a guy called Henry Arnett in Interview Two for you, next door. Let me know how you get on.

Cole: Sure, Mal, and thanks for the lead.

Roy: Sure, Mal. Thanks for the lead.

Cole: Mr Arnett, I'm Detective Phelps. This is Detective Earle. Thanks for coming in.

Henry: Call me Henry. It's the least that I could do. Terrible news about Julia.

Cole: How well did you know Julia Randall?

Henry: Vaguely. I'm in the clothing business and Julia occasionally modeled for me.

Roy: He's asking whether you banged her in a chuck-on-the-shoulder fraternity kind of way.

Henry: I'm engaged to be married. It wouldn't be polite.

Cole: Answer the question!

Henry: This will remain private? Heather won't have to know? Yes, we had relations.

Cole: Miss Randall's landlady said she was seeing an older man.

Henry: Could have been. I wasn't privy to all the details of Julia's private life.

Cole: Henry, I don't like when people lie to me. She was seeing a man named Henderson. You know who I'm talking about.

Henry: Easy on, detective. I may have heard of Henderson but I don't know his full name. I think he's from New York or some place back east.

Cole: That's funny. Julia told her cleaning lady that he lived in San Francisco.

Henry: Okay, you got me. I don't know where he's from. Julia wanted money. She always wanted money. She thought she could get some from this guy.

Cole: She was wearing a distinctive engagement ring. You think she might have convinced him to buy it for her?

Henry: Maybe he did, yeah. Maybe he and Julia were getting serious.

Cole: Ever heard of a Jimmy Leblanc?

Henry: No. Should I have? Is he an entertainer or something?

Cole: So you wouldn't have any reason to believe that Leblanc would be involved in Julia Randall's murder?

Henry: If this guy is a criminal, he might have been involved. But like I said, I never heard of this Leblanc character.

Cole: Heather told us that you were in fashion?

Henry: That's right.

Cole: You're some kind of traveling salesman?

Henry: Once I got out of the Corps I used my...

Cole: You were in the marines?

Henry: Sure, and proud of it. The Fighting Sixth.

Cole: You were in the Sixth Marines?

Henry: Yes. I was a Captain.

Cole: Which company?

Henry: Various companies. We had a lot of casualties.

Cole: Which engagements?

Henry: Okinawa. A couple of other places.

Cole: That will be all for now, Henry. You've been very helpful.

Roy: That son of a bitch was never in the Marines. Why did you let him off the hook?

Cole: Because we're giving him a couple of minutes before we start tailing him. Arnett is an amateur. We need to find out who killed the girl. Can you pass this on to Bekowsky? Have him check the place out and go through his records.

Officer: Sure, I'll pass it on.

Cole: Thanks. Can you also have R&I run the records on a Jimmy Leblanc and find out who was his last arresting officer. Have him get in touch via KGPL when they have some information.

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