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Quick Tips: How to Store White Clothes

Storing summer clothes? Keep whites away from direct sunlight -- they often have colorless dyes that can turn yellow when exposed to sunlight for a long time.


Phelps: Come on, let's give him a hand. Right behind you, Wallis. Detective Phelps. Wallis, go left. I'm going right after this little prick in the alley.

Roy: Stay down. You're clear, go.

Wallis: Thanks. Outstanding warrant, armed robbery. Knocked over a drug store back there and it looks like he brought his whole posse with him. Bad luck for them.

Phelps: They're all yours now. We need some information. Ever heard of a burglar goes by the name of Jimmy Leblanc?

Wallis: Sure. I nabbed Jimmy on a burglary beef a couple of years back. They cut through a music shop and into a jewelry store. He got four years. I missed his partner though.

Phelps: His partner?

Wallis: Big guy. I had him cornered, and he picked up this huge display case and threw it out a plate glass window. Then he vaulted out of there like something out of Barnum and Bailey. He got away. I would have had him expect for Leblanc yelling, "Run for it, Willy."

Phelps: And you think he was an acrobat of some sort?

Wallis: More like a strongman. A wrestler or a boxer. That kind of thing.

Phelps: Thanks, you've been a big help.

Wallis: You haven't done too badly yourself.

Phelps: You can drive.

Roy: Where are we going? You're suggesting Leblanc is still working with Willy?

Phelps: A strong man held down Randall while someone administered the morphine. Someone with muscle opened up Leblanc's skull. Could be.

Roy: We caught up with Mal. He's given us the dope on Leblanc.

Phelps: He worked burglaries with a big guy. Goes by the name of Willy. He might be our killer. Can you work boxing gyms, the Y, promoters? That kind of stuff?

Rusty: Since when have you started giving orders, Phelps? And where's the burglary angle? There was no sign of a-

Phelps: That's where Arnett comes in. Next stop we speak to Lacey about a list of recent burglaries.

Roy: The guy's a bum. His office is a front and he's behind on the rent and his phone bill.

Phelps: And he's skipping town tomorrow.

Rusty: Let's get him in and beat it out of him.

Phelps: Do you want to bring in the killer, Rusty?

Rusty: You can be too smart for your own good, Phelps. We've been talking about that, haven't we, Roy?

Roy: Stefan.

Stefan: Finbarr...

Phelps: Sir, I need the contraband list. Items stolen over the last year.

Man 2: Hang on, I'll dig out a copy for you. Here you go.

Phelps: Thanks.

Roy: Is the cigarette case on there?

Phelps: It's here. Arnett must be out of his mind trying to move this while under a murder cloud. Julia Randall's ring. It's here... Seems Julia wasn't the first bored society girl to hide her bennies in that pill box. Even the engagement ring was purloined. Arnett is a cad.

Man 3: Now [inaudible 00:04:54] the grand jury. Case is thrown out. Now the DA wants my head.

Phelps: Can you drive to this one?

Roy: All right. Where to?

Phelps: So you and Rusty have been having discussions. Anything you would like to tell me, partner?

Roy: Phelps, don't be so touchy. Rusty had his best ever clearance rate working with you even if the cases he worked on can't be discussed. We were just comparing notes. You're a boonaroo case man, Phelps. One of the best I've ever seen.

Phelps: Thanks.

Roy: You've got to learn to take a compliment, Phelps.

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