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How to Clean a Bike Chain

Learn how to clean a bike chain with a degreaser or cleaner and either wet lube or dry lube from expert Jesse McDonough in this Howcast video.


Phelps: What have we got?

Dunn: Three guys trying to knock the place over and got jumped. Now they got a half dozen patrons and staff for insurance.

Phelps: Do we know the situation inside?

Dunn: Two inside covering the hostages, plus this charmer at the front door. We need to something about him now, sir. He won't negotiate, and he'll kill this poor bastard if we don't put him down.

Phelps: Move up!

Woman: Help! Hurry! There's still someone in there!

Earle: Car 11K, Code Four at Hollywood First National Bank, corner of Hollywood and Highland. Suspects are down. I need an ambulance and notify the coroner.

Dispatcher: Roger on the ambulance, 11K. All units be advised, suspects are down at Hollywood First National, at the corner of Hollywood and Highland.

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