How to Adjust Bike Brakes

Learn how to adjust bike brakes and keep your brakes working smoothly and safely from expert Jesse McDonough in this Howcast video.


Woman: You shoulda iced those folks. You leave no witnesses, you say outta the poke.

Man: I'm not riding all the way to Santa Ana and then on to Cincinnati with you pissing in my ear.

Woman: But I'm tired of always being on the lam!

Man: We don't have a choice. A stickup charge is still a stickup charge, and I ain't going back inside.

Cole: You're both coming with me. Don't do anything stupid.

Don't go to sleep on me. Get me back in close.

Man 3: Keep it steady and I'll try to bust his tires.

Hit him, clean this asshole of the road.

Cole: Put your hands in the air!

Car 11K calling KGPL. Code four at the Lucas Avenue trolley station, the 459 suspects are in custody.

KGPL: Roger, 11K, All units, Code four on the 459 suspects at the Lucas Avenue trolley station.

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