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How to Identify Bike Parts

Learn to identify bike parts such as the wheel, tube, tire, rim, gears, stem, brakes, and cassette from expert Jesse McDonough in this Howcast video.


Man 1: Detective Phelps. Look, Phelps, in a minute a bagman named Rampley is going to walk in here and put a mint on some horse running in the fifth. We don't care about Rampley so much as we want his boss. He's the one we're going to put away for fixing the race.

Detective Phelps: You're hoping Rampley will lead us to him.

Man 1: Bingo. Here's what you're going to do. Get in there, blend in, wait for our mark. He'll be in a dark coat. Wait until he hands over the cash then tail him. Good luck. I'll wait outside, keep an eye on the place.

Rampley: Give me a grand on Cavalcade in the fifth.

Man 2: Hey, come on! This isn't New York.

Rampley: Got it, boss. A full gee. She's coming in at 20-to-one.

Boss: You and I are about to retire.

Detective Phelps: LAPD! You are both under arrest! Car 11K calling KGPL. Ambulance required at Sunset and Ivar. Shots fired and suspects are down. We're Code Four, but I'll need an ambulance and a coroner.

Dispatcher: Roger that, 11K. All units be advised, the 484 at Sunset and Ivar is Code Four. Suspects are down.

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