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How to Help Prevent Global Warming

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to prevent global warming, part of the broader environmental concern of climate change. Here are some ways to help that may surprise you.


  • Step 1: Live in a city Live in a city: Urbanites own fewer cars, tend to live in energy-efficient apartment buildings, and don’t have much need for powered lawn mowers, a major contributor to greenhouse gases.
  • TIP: Painting a roof white reduces the energy needed to both heat and cool a building.
  • Step 2: Don’t assume local is better Don’t assume that buying local is always better. Food miles -- the distance food travels from farm to table -- isn’t the only factor to consider: 80 percent of the carbon emissions from food production occur before shipping, and industrial farms tend to be more energy-efficient than smaller ones.
  • Step 3: Eat less meat Eat less meat. The average American carnivore contributes 1.5 more tons of greenhouse gases per year than the average vegetarian. If you can't keep away from beef, organic may be better for your body but not necessarily help prevent global warming: An organically raised cow emits 16 percent more greenhouse gases than a standard one.
  • TIP: Producing red meat generates 4 times the greenhouse gas emissions as an equal amount of chicken or fish.
  • Step 4: Practice the three R’s Practice the three R’s -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And don’t give recyclables more than a quick rinse: For each ton of recycled plastic, consumers waste about 10 tons of water cleaning it.
  • FACT: According to a study, companies who report increased carbon emissions see their stock value fall.

You Will Need

  • City residence
  • Food from industrial farms
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Adherence to the three Rs
  • White roof (optional)


Captain Titus: I must reach the orbital spire.

Woman 1: Farewell, Captain.

Woman 2: Hard work occupies the body and distracts the mind. It is a noble and worthy thing.

Woman 1: Captain Titus, the liberation fleet is in orbit. Fresh troops are landing, preparing to assault the orbital spire.

Captain Titus: It may be severed but it is still the enemy's strong point.

Woman 1: The fleet is preparing an all out assault.

Captain Titus: Their attack will not be enough to defeat the forces of Chaos.

Woman 1: I know. Good luck, Titus.

Woman 2: Worker absence is unacceptable.

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