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How to Use Quora

Got a question? The website Quora may have the answer. And you may be the one to provide it! Here’s how it works.


  • Step 1: Understand Quora Understand what Quora is: A collection of questions and answers created, edited, organized, and continually updated by users. Ask questions you're looking for answers to, or contribute by providing information that someone else is looking for.
  • Step 2: Become a member Join Quora at "": You have to use your real name to join, but you can pose and answer questions anonymously. You can also connect your Quora account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and your blog.
  • TIP: Include a short biography that indicates any areas of expertise; it helps validate answers you provide to other people’s queries.
  • Step 3: Post a question Type a question into the box at the top of the page; make it as specific as possible. This also serves as a search box, so you'll see immediately if your question, or a similar one, has already been posted. Each question should be a complete sentence with correct spelling and grammar. Survey questions are not allowed.
  • TIP: Begin questions with "who," "what," "when," "where," "why," or "how" to avoid getting a simple "yes" or "no" answer.
  • Step 4: Post on Facebook and Twitter Help get your question answered by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, asking a particular Quora member to answer it, or inviting a non-member to reply.
  • Step 5: Follow people and topics Follow specific topics by typing subjects that interest you into the question box and clicking the green "Follow Topic" button. You can also follow fellow Quora members.
  • TIP: If your Facebook account is connected, you can find Facebook friends on Quora under Settings.
  • Step 6: Answer questions Answer questions if you can contribute useful, honest information; joke responses aren't appropriate. Include as much explanation and evidence as you can, and try to provide the "why" behind your reply. If you link to an external source, include a brief summary of it.
  • TIP: If you’re new to the site, your answer may be marked "Answer Pending Review" until a Quora reviewer checks it out.
  • Step 7: Rate answers Rate answers by clicking on the up or down arrow to the left of responses. You can also add a comment, send thanks to the person who posted the answer, or mark as "Not Helpful." Feedback helps organize the replies so the most useful ones appear first, and user engagement helps make Quora fun!
  • FACT: The name Quora comes from "quorum," the number of people needed to vote or conduct business, and rhymes with "flora," which the founders felt is "about being healthy and alive."

You Will Need

  • Quora account
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Facebook and Twitter posts (optional)


Sniper: Hitler's war machine, once unstoppable, was now on the retreat. The allies in the west and Russia in the east were squeezing the tattered remnants of the Reich in a viselike grip. Germany's last hope lay in their wonder weapons, the V-2 Rocket, a huge leap forward in the history of military technology. It was a weapon system to herald the new form of warfare, inhuman. Faster than the speed of sound and struck without warning.

The Nazis' launched over 3,000 rockets in the desperate attempt to reverse history. It was a terror weapon. Tumbling Antwerp, Paris and London. After the D-Day landings, their launch sites were overrun and pushed back out of range of England. But already, the allies were looking to the future, to the next war. The Americans were gathering up the best of Germany's rocket scientists in the top secret operation, "Overcast." Many of the architects of the V-2 program had already been acquired, but not all. With Berlin encircled, Germany's last ditch defense falling back block by block, and total defeat only days away, those scientists remaining in the city would soon be in Russian hands. My job was to make sure that didn't happen.

Major-General Hans von Eisenberg was negotiating in secret for safe passage for his team, five of the V-2 program's top men.

German soldiers: [Speaking in German 00:03:00]

Sniper: von Eisenberg was punctual. He made no effort to hide his ugly face, neither did his Russian contact. I had a clear shot. The slightest pressure on the trigger, and it was good night Major-General. Just a question of choosing my moment. The square was well-sheltered, so there was no wind to worry about. I had to aim one notch above the target to compensate for bullet drop. I controlled my breathing to steady my aim, and then . . .

German soldier: [Speaking in German 00:06:02]

Sniper: von Eisenberg was dead. I was committed now. Both the Russians and Germans would know I was in play.

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