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How to Build Flight Time

Learn how to build flight time from pilot Josh Kallenberg in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Josh Kallenberg and I'm here at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California. I've been flying professionally for about 13 years, and now I have the pleasure of flying this Gulfstream G450 which is a lot of fun and exciting. And today I'm going to talk to you about becoming a pilot. So once you've received your commercial certification, you're going to need to start building time. And I would suggest trying to build quality time. And this is if you're trying to do this as a career and try to fly for the airlines or fly corporate. One thing I would suggest doing is getting your flight instructor certification. You're going to build time with the student, and that's when you're really going to start to learn the material - is when you're teaching it. And you can usually build up your flight time fairly quickly. And I think when you want to apply for a job it's a valuable thing to have on your resume. In addition to being a flight instructor, or in lieu of, you can try to find other odd jobs such as towing banners, flying medical supplies, flying cargo. So those are some of the examples of things you can do and actually get paid for doing. And in addition, you'll be accumulating your flight time. Some very important flight time when employers are looking at you down the road will be that as a copilot in anything with more than 1 engine. And also, your experience of flying in the clouds which they call you're instrument experience, that's also very important. So if you can get what they call right seat time or co-pilot time, flying around in clouds in challenging conditions, that's really good stuff. That's really good stuff that will help you down the road. Not only for your skills as a pilot, but also when applying for that job that you're trying to get.

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