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How to Read Ukulele Chord Charts

Learn how to read ukulele chord charts from music teacher Jarret Delos Santos in this Howcast video.


Aloha, my name is Jarret Delos Santos and I was born and raised in a little town called Hana on the east side of Maui. Playing the ukulele and teaching the ukulele gives me a chance to perpetuate our culture. So today, we're going to be talking about the ukulele. Okay we're going to be learning how to read Ukulele chords. For instance, this is a very common thing that you'll see when you look Ukulele music, and you'll see the fret board. For instance this is a G7, and it shows which notes your fingers should be on. Your top string here is the string that's closest to you which would be number 4, which is G. Number 3, C. Number 2, E. Number 1, A. And it tells you which strings need to be held down. So for instance this is a G7, that would translate to a G7 here. And that's how you read a chord.

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