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How to Pronounce Vowels in Spanish

Learn how to pronounce vowels in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howast video.


The firs thing we're going to learn is how to say the vowels in Spanish. This is very, very important. The vowels in Spanish are slightly different than in English, the way we pronounce them. And once you learn how to pronounce them correctly, you'll be able to speak Spanish much more fluently and people will be able to understand you. So, let's begin. The vowels are 'ah, eh, ee, oh, oo. Could you repeat with me? Ah, ah. Eh, eh. Ee, Ee. Oh, oh. Oo, oo. We're going to see some words that take those vowels. The word for house, 'casa.' A casa. The word for fish, 'pez.' Eh pez. Eh pez. And the word for 'my' as in when we say, 'my house' - mi, ee, mi. The word for bear, 'oso.' Oh, oso. The word for much, or a lot, 'mucho.' Oo, mucho. Now let's repeat the vowels and the words we've learned. A, casa. Eh, pez. Ee, mi. Oh, oso. Oo, mucho.

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