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How to Say "G" in Spanish

Learn how to pronounce "g" in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


[MUSIC]. The g, when it's before an e or an i, has the same sound as the j, which as learned, it's the sound of the [xx] dog or the [xx] of dog. Let's see with some examples, the word gente. Gente means people. Can you repeat? Gente. The verb, proteger, which means to protect. Proteger. Can you repeat? Proteger. The word for gym, gimnasio. Can you repeat? Gimnasio. Now, let's see what happens with the g when it's before an a, an o or a u. The sound is gah - G A, go - G O and goo - G U. Gato, cat. Agosto, the month of August and gusto which means pleasure or taste. Gato, agosto, gusto. [MUSIC].

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