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How to Introduce Yourself to Someone in Spanish

Learn how to introduce yourself to someone in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


Let's learn how to introduce ourselves. The word for 'I' is 'yo' so 'yo soy' means 'I am.' Yo soy. 'Yo soy de' means 'I am from.' You can say 'yo soy de' or you can skip the word 'yo' and just say 'soy de.' I am from. Soy de Estados Unidos. I am from the United States. Let's repeat. Soy de Estados Unidos. I am from Canada. Soy de Canada. Can you repeat? Soy de Canada. I am from England. Soy de Engladera. I am from Australia. Soy de Australia. Let's repeat. Soy de Australia. Great. Now let's learn how to introduce ourselves saying 'my name is' and 'I am from.' Remember 'me llamo?' Me llamo Andrea. Soy de Nueva York. Me llamo Andrea. My name is Andrea. Soy de Nueva York. I am from New York. Now, instead of repeating exactly what I said, say 'me llamo' with your name and then 'soy de' with the city you come from. Let's do it. Perfect. Now, let's start how to do a little bit of a dialogue. Remember 'hola?' That's right. Hola. Hello. Como estas? 'Como estas' means 'how are you?' This is when you talk to just one person and you feel familiar, not too formal with that person. Let's repeat. Hola. Como estas? Let's answer. Well, thanks. Bien, gracias. Well, thanks. And you? Bien, gracias. Y tu? Let's repeat. Bien, gracias. Y tu? That's right. Let's try to put everything together. You can repeat after me but if you can add your own name and your own place of origin, it's even better. I'm going to say the whole thing. I would like you to repeat after I do. Me llamo Andrea. Soy de Nueva York. Como estas? Bien, gracias. Y tu? Bien, gracias.

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