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How to Introduce Someone Else in Spanish

Learn how to introduce someone else in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


What happens if we want to introduce somebody else, somebody that's beside us? Let's say I want to say, 'This is my friend Peter,' or 'This is Mr. Johnson.' The phrase in Spanish is: 'Este es' and then you say the name of the person. For instance, 'Este es Peter. Este es el señor Johnson. Este es José.' Let's repeat: 'este es'. 'Este es mi amigo Peter.' Now, if we are introducing somebody who is beside us, and this is a lady, a woman, a girl, there's a little change. Listen: 'esta es.' This is for a woman, 'esta.' You hear the difference between 'este' and 'esta'? 'Este' is for a man, 'esta' is for a woman. 'Esta es Jennifer. Esta es Alice.' This is Jennifer. This is Alice. So why don't you introduce somebody you have beside you who is a woman. Can you repeat? 'Esta es.'

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