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How to Use Masculine & Feminine Articles in Spanish

Learn how to use masculine and feminine articles in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


Let's see how we can give these words articles. An article is something like, 'the' or 'a'.

Definite article, 'the'. The car.

Indefinite article: 'a'. A car.

So, let's do it in Spanish.

Un libro/A book. Masculine.

Un auto/A car.

Let's repeat: Un libro. Un auto.

Now, let's do the feminine.

Una casa/A house.

Let's repeat: Una casa.

Una moneda/A coin.

Let's repeat: Una moneda.

A female cat is una gata. A male cat is un gato.

Does this make sense to you? If perro is dog, how would you say the female dog? That's right. Perra.

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