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How to Use Jersey in a Sewing Project

Learn how to use jersey in a sewing project from founder Cynthia Mann in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Cynthia Mann and we're here today at Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles, California. This is also the home of Hi, I'm Melissa Lunden; I'm the resident seamstress here at Birch Fabrics. I teach sewing lessons here, prepare blog tutorials and sew samples of Birch's line of organic cotton. And I am here today to talk to you about sewing. So let's talk about jersey. Jersey is a little different than your regular quilting cotton because instead of being woven it's a knit. It's fabulous because it has a lot of stretch and a lot of movement. The best use of jersey is clothing; it's great, it has a lot of mobility, you can move and it stretches. It's great for kids clothing and you can use it for other different types of projects, who am I to tell you not to? To sew with jersey is a little trickier and you definitely want to take some time to practice. You can use your regular sewing machine with it but you will use a zigzag stitch instead of a straight stitch because a zigzag will stretch with the fabric. You can also use an Overlock machine and that makes working with jersey a breeze.

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