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How to Sew a Topstitch on a Sewing Machine

Learn how to sew a topstitch on your sewing machine from founder Cynthia Mann in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Cynthia Mann and we're here today at Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles, California. This is also the home of Hi, I'm Melissa Lunden; I'm the resident seamstress here at Birch Fabrics. I teach sewing lessons here, prepare blog tutorials and sew samples of Birch's line of organic cotton. And I am here today to talk to you about sewing. So, we're now going to talk about how to sew a top stitch. A top stitch is a type of finishing stitch that you sew on the right side of the fabric and it's a nice decorative stitch and it also helps stablize the two pieces together. So, after you've sewn your seam, you turn your fabric so it's right side out and press. And then, once you have your fabric like this, then you'll put it back under the machine but using a quarter of an inch seam allowance. You'll start sewing right along the edge. You can also move the needle even closer to the edge to one eighth inch seam allowance and that's called an edge stitch and that makes your seam look a little fancier. It's a little bit more decorative. And, so this is what a top stitch looks like and you're looking at the right side of your fabric and you can have the fabric, the thread match and have it be really subtle or you can do a nice contrast, like what we did, and make it more decorative.

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