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How to Decorate a Balloon Animal

Learn how to decorate a balloon animal from magician Jonas Cain in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jonas Cain and I'm here at the Veritas Theatre at the beautiful Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts. I am a magician and a balloon sculptor having performed and provided entertainment solutions for many, many years. Visit my website at And today I'm going to be talking about making balloon animals. An easy thing is to invest in a felt tip marker and you can do is simply on your dog on your swans on your ducks is you draw little face side you can draw some eyes simple eyes in your ducks you can get frail where some eyebrow and any things just add have walk here to the ducks i was did i was made reviews small bubbles for the kept feet added some space author kept feet so this bubbles before long twist in the middle you can put this on to the tail and then you have a duck with a feet now he is a simple way you can a subject relation to balloon fish you draw the eye of cosine draw the eye in a marker added more carefully to it you can also do you can twist the bubble in the fish right about here so that had a miles now you can add second balloon you can Blowed living a nice size tail we do here this is fishing pole you just look twist a bubbles here just like that video with the elephant with take the end of the fishing pole we tie the round miles of the fish with this give you this i fish on fishing pole.

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