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6 Ways to Improve Your Tennis Game

Learn six ways to improve your tennis game from tennis pro Angelina Zdorovytska in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Angelina Zdorovytska. Right now we're in the beautiful city of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. I was ranked number 1 tennis player in the Ukraine. 350 in the world ranking. I run my own business; it's I train very good players. Also, I train beginners, intermediate players. Tennis is my life and my passion. I live for it and now I would like to talk to you about tennis. I would like to tell you how to improve your tennis game. #1, very important is to get on the court and be well rested. You need to get a good nights rest and you need to have a good nutrition. You need to eat, maybe about 30 minutes to an hour before you practice. Also, very important to be in a very good physical shape. You need to, besides tennis practice, try to run, improve your endurance and, do drills. When you're playing a game, again you gotta be very well concentrated, be positive and be self possessed. So you need to a have full attention on the tennis court, not wandering around what to do besides tennis. You step on the court, you practice, you play a match, you step out of the court and you can think about anything else you want. So to summarize that, again, well rest, good nutrition, you need to eat well, you need to drink plenty of water, you need to concentrate on the tennis court, be positive, never beat up on yourself because its gonna bring your game down and its never gonna help you out. And very important to stay physically fit, be strong, and move really well on the tennis court.

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