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4 Tennis Forehand Tips

Learn four tips to improve your tennis forehand from tennis pro Angelina Zdorovytska in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Angelina Zdorovytska. Right now we're in the beautiful city of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. I was ranked number 1 tennis player in the Ukraine. 350 in the world ranking. I run my own business; it's I train very good players. Also, I train beginners, intermediate players. Tennis is my life and my passion.
I'd like to tell you how to hit a forehand side but different walls. We're hitting the low ball and we're hitting the high ball. The ball that has a spin is a low ball. Your racket has to be down, right here, you need to bend your knees and when you're hitting the ball your racket has to go under the tennis ball and you're following through. Make sure when again you have a low ball, your racket is down here. When, however you're having a high ball, your racket has to be a little bit higher up, right here, again you need to turn your body standing sideways. The flat ball, it doesn't have any spin in it, so it's most likely going to be a high ball which you're going to cover your racket and going through the ball. And again the ball doesn't have any spin at all.

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