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How to Practice Good Tennis Match Etiquette

Learn how to practice tennis match etiquette from tennis pro Angelina Zdorovytska in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Angelina Zdorovytska. Right now we're in the beautiful city of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. I was ranked number 1 tennis player in the Ukraine. 350 in the world ranking. I run my own business; it's I train very good players. Also, I train beginners, intermediate players. Tennis is my life and my passion. I live for it and now I would like to talk to you about tennis. I'd like to explain to you how to use a proper etiquette when you're playing a match, when you're practising with someone, when you're basically on the court. First of all, be very respectful, give the ball properly to someone, just don't throw the ball anywhere so the person has to walk in a different direction. Always be polite, always be respectful. You need to also, playing a match, call the score out loud so you're not getting confused about the scores, because sometimes it happens, people forget about the scores and later on there is a confusion. Try to also be honest. Don't cheat. A lot of players, I played against player like that, when they're cheating, it's just not nice. Call all the lines directly, people are gonna respect that. Try to be positive, and don't throw your racket, don't have any drama on a tennis court, don't try to come to a person and hit the person with a tennis racket or do anything like that because you're gonna get fined. Como to the net after the game, no matter of the, you know, outcome of the game, you lose, you win, shake the hand and that's it. Just go out there and have fun. So don't hit anyone.

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