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How to Get the Most Out of Golf Lessons

Learn how to get the most out of lessons from golf pro Michael Samaniego in this Howcast golf video.


Hi, my name is Michael Samaniego golf professional at Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Chalk Mountain Golf Course is a championship level golf course with 3 professional golfers, including myself. And today I'm going to talk to you about golf. How to get the most out of your golf lessons. Uh, you wanna invest time in this sport. Uh, this sport requires so many mechanical moving parts of your body to execute good, basic fundamentals. The more time that you spend in the practice facility, whether it's here on the putting surface, whether it's chipping or full swing on the range and/or on the golf course, the better and more proficient you'll become. To get the most out of your golf lessons, you wanna invest yourself. So, if we have a lesson one day a week, my expectation of my student is to at least practice two or three times of the basic fundamentals that we went over during that instructional period. Uh, again, it's rope training, it's teaching our body muscle memory, and this is how we execute good fundamentals, uh, to perform good golf, uh, uh, swings. It is a difficult sport and there will be some, uh, some advances and some failures. So, be patient and enjoy and stay relaxed.

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