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How to Tee a Golf Ball

Learn how to tee a golf ball from golf pro Michael Samaniego in this Howcast golf video.


Hi, my name is Michael Samaniego golf professional at Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Chalk Mountain Golf Course is a championship level golf course with 3 professional golfers, including myself. And today I'm going to talk to you about golf. We'll start with how we tee a golf ball. There is only really one place on the golf course where you can tee the golf ball, and that's going to be on the tee box. And off course, you have options. Um, on a pot 4, pot 5, you get your trajectory in length and distance. You'll want to tee the ball up. On a pot 3, it's really your option whether or not you want to hit the ball up or not. My recommendation is any time you can tee the ball up, go ahead and do so. I am going to demonstrate to you how to tee a golf ball up. I am going to hold the ball in which the tee is in between our fourth finger and our middle finger. Hold the ball with our thumb just like a clap like this. We're going to place the ball in the ground approximately an inch and a half or so, um, from the ground. The crater of the ball is going to be approximately in the center or on top of the crown of my, the golf club. If I tee my ball up too high as I use my driver, I could actually hit underneath the, the ball and on the tee causing the ball to pop straight up, or it will cause my ball to take too, too much flight. So the quick little ball on top of the crown or at the crown of my golf club.

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