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5 Best Putting Tips for Golfers

Learn the five best putting tips from golf pro Michael Samaniego in this Howcast golf video.


Hi, my name is Michael Samaniego golf professional at Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Chalk Mountain Golf Course is a championship level golf course with 3 professional golfers, including myself. And today I'm going to talk to you about golf. Let's talk about best putting tips. Once again, remember 49% of all of our strokes here in a round of golf are dedicated here to the putting surface. When you're executing good putting fundamentals, make sure you get your eyes directly over the golf ball. Also remember to pendal on your shoulders, back and true. Remember you want to keep your head still, your lower body nice and quiet, when you're executing good putting fundamentals. Remain still, executing a good golf stroke, and wait until the ball actually goes into the hole before you raise up out of your posture. Remember putting is individual. It's individual because there are different styles of putters out there. Much like with the different style putters, there's different style grips. If you want to hold the grip, the club, as I'm holding it in the conventional manner, or hold it split-handed, or right-hand or left-hand low, or claw grip, whichever way you want to hold the putter is basically up to you, so long as you execute the fundamentals of pedaling with your shoulder back and true.

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