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How to Survive a Golf Outing if You're a Beginner

Learn how to survive a golf outing if you're a beginner from golf pro Michael Samaniego in this Howcast golf video.


Hi, my name is Michael Samaniego golf professional at Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Chalk Mountain Golf Course is a championship level golf course with 3 professional golfers, including myself. And today I'm going to talk to you about golf. Here's how you can survive a golf outing as a beginner. First and foremost, remember to have fun. Everybody that's on the golf course was a beginner at one time. Couple of things that you should probably learn first. Learn some of the etiquette related to golf. Ah, don't be yelling when somebody is getting ready to putt or yelling or speaking in their backswing. Remember as a beginning golfer, don't be afraid to ask questions, especially when you are on the practice facility with your instructor and other golfers. This is a reminder, golf is a, uh, sport in which we expend ,uh, numerous amounts of calories and energy while on the golf course. I encourage you to stay hydrated, stay nourish, and stay fit. Finally when you're on the golf course, if somebody should happen to be playing behind you and you feel kind of intimidated by them coming up behind you, step aside and just allow them to play through. Once again, remember everybody was a beginner at one time and we want you to have a good time while playing golf.

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