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How to Become a Golf Pro

Learn how to become a professional golfer from golf pro Michael Samaniego in this Howcast golf video.


Hi, my name is Michael Samaniego golf professional at Chalk Mountain Golf Course. Chalk Mountain Golf Course is a championship level golf course with 3 professional golfers, including myself. And today I'm going to talk to you about golf. Here's how you can become a golf pro. A golf profession is one of passion and one of desire. Several ways you can become a golf pro. You can find yourself in a position at a golf facility such like here and become an apprentice; you're working under the mentorship of a head professional. The head professional kind of gives you direction and shows you some of the basics of becoming a golf professional. Beyond that, to become a member of the PGA there are some educational steps that you need to take. PGA of America provides an educational program and a training program for those of you who are interested in being a golf professional. The various levels to take you through golf cart fleet management, customer service, golf club building, teaching, running tournaments, and running the golf shop. These are aspects of a good golf professional.

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