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How to Use the Spanish Word "Hay"

Learn how to use the word "hay" from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


Now I'd like to teach you something very important, sort of a magical word in spanish, it's a word that has many meanings and it can be used in many many situations. This word is hay, yes it's pronounced with an h but remember the h is mute, hay, hay means there is and it also means there are. If I add the word no, before, it means there isn't, no hay, there isn't, it also means there aren't, no hay, there aren't. Hay tomates, there are tomatoes. No hay manzanas, there aren't apples. En, the word en, en, means both in and at, very very useful preposition as in somebody is in a place or at a place, the word is en. So now we can with these two words start making questions that can be very important when we are traveling. For instance, I wanna know if there's a bank, ¿Hay un banco? Please repeat after me ¿Hay un banco?. Now let's make it a little more specific, we wanna know if there's a bank in the neighborhood, en el barrio, en el barrio, in the neighborhood, barrio, neighborhood. Now repeat after me please ¿Hay un banco en el barrio? Si, hay un banco en la calle Santa Fe, Yes there is a bank on Santa Fe street. Si, hay un banco en la calle Santa Fe. So, listen to this, if I say hay with a rising intonation at the end, I'm making a question, is there? are there? If I'm not rising my voice, my intonation, it just means there is and there are. And if I'm adding no in the beginning it means there isn't and there aren't, very useful. Let's practice some more phrases, Is there a pharmacy in the neighborhood? ¿Hay una farmacia en el barrio? Please repeat after me, ¿Hay una farmacia en el barrio? Si, hay una farmacia en la avenida, Yes, there is a pharmacy in the avenue, Si, hay una farmacia en la avenida. Another very useful sentence, Is there a bathroom here? ¿Hay un baño aqui? Please repeat ¿Hay un baño aqui? We are out of luck, No; there isn't a bathroom here. No, aqui no hay un baño. Aqui no hay, here there isn't, un baño, a bathroom. And let's suppose we get into a store and we wanna buy books in english, your spanish is not good enough yet. How do we ask, Are there books in English? Let's do it ¿Hay libros en ingles? Please repeat after me...¿Hay libros en ingles? Answer... Si, aqui hay libros en ingles. So how would you say there is a bathroom here. That's right, aqui hay un baño. So let's go over all this. Hya, there is, there are. No hay, there isn't, there aren't. En, means in or at. Aqui, means here.

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