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How to Form Yes or No Questions in Spanish

Learn how to form yes or no questions in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


Yes/no, questions in Spanish. Preguntas de si o no. Preguntas, questions. Es inteligente el pero? Is the dog intelligent? Si, es inteligente. Yeah, it is intelligent. Es grande la casa? No, no es grande. Is the house big? No, it's not big.

Es el chocolate delicioso? Notice how I change the terms, how I put the noun, el chocolate, in the middle, as opposed to putting it in the end. I can do that in Spanish. Spanish allows me to put this in the end or in the middle. Let's say it again. Es el chocolate delicioso? Si, el chocolate es delicioso.

Es tropical la region? Is the region tropical? No, no es tropical. No, it's not tropical.

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