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How to Make Plural Nouns in Spanish

Learn how to make plural nouns in Espanol from Spanish teacher Andrea Cukier in this Howcast video.


Let's learn how to make the plurals. That's very easy, it's a lot like English really. Banco means bank and bancos means banks. Casa means house, casas means houses. Calle means street, calles means streets. So you notice that when a word ends in a vowel we just add an s to make it plural. Very similar to English. But what happens if it doesn't end in a vowel? A word like camion, truck, camion. We add an es and this is how it sounds, camiones. So let's repeat, truck camion, trucks camiones. The word for wall pared ends in a d, pared. The plural is paredes. Can you repeat? Paredes. The word for engine, as in search engine, motor, the plural motores. So what happens in these words that ends in a consonant is that we add an es in the end to make a plural. And that's that. We know how to make a singular word into a plural. Very easy. Let's try to do it yourself. The word for apartment, apartamento. How would the be the plural? That's right, apartamentos. Muy Bien. How about the word for action, accion? How would you say actions, the plural? That's right, acciones. Excellent. |I noticed the woman who was speaking said "How would the be the plural?" When asking how to make apartment plural. This was what she said, it's not a mistake in my transcription.

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