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How to Hip-Hop Dance with Randy R.C. Connor

Learn about choreographer to the stars Randy R.C. Connor, one of Howcast's hip-hop dance experts, in this video.


My name is Randy R.C. Connor, choreographer to the stars. The first big group I worked with in dance, the group rap trio Salt-n-Pepa. Salt, Pepa, and Spinderella, which led to my first MTV award which I was nominated for in 1994 for Best Choreography for Salt-n-Pepa's "Whatta Man" video featuring En Vogue. I've also worked with artists like Prince, Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy Combs, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, and the list goes on. All right, we just gonna do some really simple stuff guys. We're gonna just break down some moves, some simple routines that you can use outdoors, at the club, at the parties, at home, in your bathroom -- just have fun guys, so let's get started. C'mon!

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