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How to Two-Step in Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to two-step from choreographer Randy Connor in this hip-hop dance video from Howcast.


My name is Randy R.C. Connor, choreographer to the stars. I've worked with Britney Spears, P. Diddy Combs, Prince, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z. We're gonna just break down some moves, that you can use at the club, at the parties, at home, in your bathroom -- just have fun guys, so let's get started. C'mon! We are back and we are ready to do the two steps. So, basically what the two step is one two step. All you are going to do is step into one two, one two, one two, one two. And now when you step it's all about personality and your character. You are in the club you just having fun dancing with your friends; you are just doing two stepping. So you are stepping One two, left right, right left and you are bouncing and just one two step and one two, one two, one two. And the most important thing guys is that you are having fun. Ok. One two, One two, One two, One two, One two. Put some personalities into it guys, character and just have some fun. So, let's try the two steps with some music. Here we go, 5, 6, 7, 8 and one two, yeah, good and bounce and bounce. Good, do the two step, do the two step , do the two step , do the two step , do the two step , do the two step . Good have fun guys. Nice. Here you go; there you go, right, excellent. Good. Now you are out in the club you can do the one two. The two step.

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