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How to Do the Wu-Tang Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to do the Wu-Tang from choreographer Randy Connor in this hip-hop dance video from Howcast.


My name is Randy R.C. Connor, choreographer to the stars. I've worked with Britney Spears, P. Diddy Combs, Prince, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z. We're gonna just break down some moves, that you can use at the club, at the parties, at home, in your bathroom -- just have fun guys, so let's get started. C'mon! Yes, this is the WuTang Dance guys. Now this is a battling dance, now alot of kids uses this for battling each other but yet it's remember it's all in fun ok? So we just gonna get the basic steps down for this one. Your almost in ninja form because your balanced, and it's all about the pelvis area, right here, it's all about this and the arms, and then we bring the arms in and the legs and some motion. But we're gonna work out a basic routine right now that you guys can have fun with and then you're just going to add your own thing to it aight? Just in case you ran into a battle situation. So we have right, left, one, uh, uh, ok? So we have right, left, right, left, together aight? Again, 5 6 7 8, right, left, right, left, together, good. We have switch switch and what happens here is both arms go around the body so it's almost like your swervin. Swerve, Swerve, ninja like, and back to the front ok? Good so we have right left... boom. Excellent aight lets try that. We have right, left, right, left, together, pull, pull, and close, excellent. After that we have switch, switch, boom alright? So we have switch, switch, boom alright? So that's really strong. It's a really strong dance because remember it's used for battlin alright? As far as dance goes, and remember, always keep it fun, alright? So let's take it from the top and then we'll try it with some music alright? So this basic routine, we have right, left, right, left, together, right, left, boom, switch, switch boom. Let's try that with a lil music. WuTang, yea. 5 6 someone tryina battle you, wanna WuTang it out? Kinda dip low and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 twist, twist, boom, yea! Good! Let's try that one more time. Ready for action, 5 6 7 and ... Good! And that's the basic WuTang dance guys so have fun and battle it out.

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