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Hip-Hop Choreography Basics

Learn hip-hop choreography basics from choreographer Randy Connor in this hip-hop dance video from Howcast.


Jason: I love the flamethrower.

Willis: Those Germans, what can I say? They know how to light stuff on fire. Got you an earpiece.

Jason: Thanks. Hey, you ever go out on recon with your guys?

Willis: Nah, nah, no. There's a reason I have the American flag in here. In here, there's society. There's order. Out there, the jungle. The synapses in our brains go dark little by little. You forget where you're from, who you are.

Jason: Yeah. So, what about my friend, Oliver?

Willis: I've almost burst this thing wide open. I can feel it. By the way, you're getting popular.

Hoyt: Lovely weather we're having.

Vaas: Why, boss, are you planning a parade?

Hoyt: That's why I love you, Vaas. You make me laugh. Everything in business is so goddamn serious but you. So, what about Snow White?

Vaas: You know what, I don't give a fuck about him. I don't give a fuck.

Hoyt: Really? Then why am I here?

Vaas: Once you've got the ransom money, his friends are gonna be sold like that. I shot his older brother. I did what you wanted with his younger brother. It's my sister. She's inking that white boy.

Hoyt: I don't give a fuck about your family. It is by my grace that your head isn't impaled on the antenna of my car. Therefore, I would like it if you gave a fuck about Jason Brody.

Vaas: Okay, Hoyt. Okay. All right.

Hoyt: Fantastic. I'm really loving this weather. What's the name of that village down the road? Beras Town? A bunch of native sympathizers. They stole a transportation manifest that's close to my heart. I'd like to pay them a visit. Nice to see you, Vaas.

Willis: Better make your way to Beras Town.

Jason: I bet Oliver's on the manifest. Who has it?

Willis: I'll tell you when you get there. I gotta keep on working. See yourself out.

Jason: Willis, I'm at Beras Town.

Willis: There's a shack overlooking the pond. You can see the center of the village. Don't be detected.

Jason: Hoyt's here.

Willis: Wait until he leaves. Otherwise, he'll make chicken chow mein out of your friends.

Hoyt: I want it to be clear that anyone, anyone who helps those savages out in the woods will end up like our friends here. Is my point coming across? You, run!

Willis: See a guy in red stripes?

Jason: In the middle of the mine field?

Hoyt: Point made. Have fun, boys.

Willis: That's our man. Go in and extract him.

Jason: Are you nuts?

Willis: He has the transportation manifest that will lead you to Oliver Carswell. It'll be encrypted, but I'll decode it if you snap me a picture.

Jason: Oh, shit, Ollie. I've gotta save this guy. Okay, Jason, let's do this.

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