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How to Be a Hip-Hop Dancer

Learn how to be a hip-hop dancer from choreographer Randy Connor in this dance video from Howcast.


Jason: Agent Willis Huntley asked me to extract you. He said you can help me find one of my friends. Tell me where Oliver is.

Rongo: No, I need to go to the village now. I'll tell you when we get there.

Jason: What the hell? Fine. Follow me.

Man 1: Where's that [inaudible 00:00:25]?

Jason: Shit! Shit!

Rongo: We must reach the village. Follow me. I know where they tossed the mines.
We made it. My house is up that hill. Come!

Jason: Shit! Shit!

Rongo: That's right. Up the hill. Come!

Jason: I don't like it. [inaudible 00:01:28]

Rongo: We have to go around. Follow me. Yes, yes. Come on. We are almost at the top of the hill!

Man 2: I'm bleeding!

Rongo: I'll get the documents. Keep watch. Bastards! They robbed me. Where is it? Come! Guard me while I search!

Jason: Hurry up.

Rongo: I cannot find the documents. Keep them busy! I'm still looking. They threw everything on the floor. All my things! What a mess! Protect me! I'm still looking!

Man 3: What do you call a world of pain?

Rongo: Hey, come here. I found it. I found the transportation manifest.

Jason: Great. Finally. I'll take a picture of it for Willis. Willis, you got the picture?

Willis: The pirates use codes Neanderthals can read. Oliver's being transported on the old road. I've sent the decrypted coordinates.

Jason: Good. I'm on my way.

Willis: You're too late. The convoy's next stop is the fishery. The pirates are moving Oliver to a chopper there.

Jason: I've gotta get a vantage point before that exchange happens.

Man: There he is!

Jason: That ledge looks perfect.

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