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How to Do Basic Dance Moves

Learn basic dance moves from choreographer Randy Connor in this Howcast dance video.


Jason: Where's Oliver? I better wait until I see him. There he is. Leave him alone, assholes.

Soldier: All right, man. Geez. I'm going.

Jason: I can't let them put Ollie in the chopper. Run, Ollie. Come on! Keep moving!

Soldier 2: Found you.

Jason: Keep moving! Ollie, steal the boat! Oliver, here!

Oliver: Get in! Hey. Thanks for saving me. Hey, nice tats man.

Jason: Ollie, let's get out of here! Boat! Keep the boat straight!

Oliver: I'm trying.

Jason: Faster!

Oliver: We're getting away. Woo! Yo, truck on the bridge.

Jason: Boat! Trucks coming up on the road!

Oliver: Where?

Jason: Wherever. Shoot them! Shit! Shit, dude! Helicopter.

Oliver: A chopper? You gotta be fucking kidding me! I got it! It's going down! Woo!

Jason: We did it.

Oliver: You saved me. And they were putting the screws to my dad. He was about to give them a ton of money.

Jason: Ollie, you would've been sold right into slavery afterward even if he'd paid.

Oliver: Oh, shit. Man, this is some heavy shit, man! I don't know if I can deal with this.

Jason: I know you, Ollie. You're stronger than you think. Come with me. I have someplace safe to hide you. Liza, Daisy, I found Oliver.

Daisy: Ollie!

Oliver: Hey, hey, girls! It's good to be back.

Liza: So glad you're okay.

Man: Oh, I'm as high as a kite and the greenhouse is on fire.

Oliver: What kind of a place is this?

Man: Wow. This has got quite a kick. Does anyone want to have a puff before I put it out?

Oliver: I'm in. Hey, I'll be with you in a second. This place is like heaven.

Liza: Hey, Jason, when you have a sec, can you come over here? I have something to show you.

Daisy: I've got something to show you too. Come on.

Liza: Hey. I'm building a cross for Grant.

Jason: Thanks. I haven't really had time.

Liza: We have to talk.

Jason: We will, just not now. I need to find Riley. If anything happens to that kid...

Liza: I miss you, okay? And you're carrying all these weapons, and you have all these weird tattoos. I'm not saying you shouldn't go rescue them. I'm just worried it's affecting you.

Jason: Liza, don't worry. I'm taking control of my life for the first time. That's a good thing.

Liza: I know. You're right. We've been working really hard on that, and I have a studio job waiting for you. I helped Steve...

Jason: Look, I don't want to talk about your exes right now. This is my path. I've got to find it on my own.

Liza: Okay. Okay. I get it. You're stressed out. We can meet up later. I love you. Now go before I try and stop you again. You better find the others.

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