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Different Types of Boxers

Learn about the different types of boxers from boxing coach Joe Huston in this Howcast video.


Hello my name is Joe 'doc Huston and I am here at my friend's gym in Portland, Oregon to share some tricks, tactics and strategies to help you get the most out of your boxing career. So, the thing that you have to remember when you start your boxing career is that the sport of boxing is about giving and not receiving, and before we get started I'd like to share with you the different kinds of boxers there are out there. The first kind of boxer is the recreational boxer who wants to sweat in the strength of the strenuous workout but doesn't really want to step into the ring and get his nose bashed. The next kind of boxer moving up is the gym fighter and he wants a workout, but he also wants to take it all for a test drive and hop up into the ring and see what he has got. The next level above that is the amateur boxer who wants to experience competition under the hot lights in front of the crowd. And lastly you have the professional boxer who all of the movies are written about who works the hardest, takes all of the risk and enjoys fighting in front of people for money.

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