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How to Develop a Boxing Training Routine

Learn how to develop a routine for your boxing training from boxing coach Joe Huston in this Howcast video.


Hello my name is Joe 'doc Huston and I am here at my friend's gym in Portland, Oregon to share some tricks, tactics and strategies to help you get the most out of your boxing career. So when you're developing your routine, it is important to remember that you should exercise every element of boxing each and every time. So these elements include conditioning, vision, balance, coordination, rhythm, timing, and the individual skills. Now, it's easy to do this all in one setting. Because while you're doing one drill, you can concentrate on several different of these. And the last thing to keep in mind is that you should visualize your upcoming match every time you walk into a gym, and this will naturally keep you focused. Next, you should do your exercises and drills in the same order each and every day. And don't forget to walk away feeling relaxed and proud.

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