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How to Work Out with a Punching Bag for Boxing Training

Learn how to work out with a punching bag from boxing coach Joe Huston in this Howcast video.


Hello my name is Joe 'doc Huston and I am here at my friend's gym in Portland, Oregon to share some tricks, tactics and strategies to help you get the most out of your boxing careerThe heavy bag is a drill that puts everything together. Not only your conditioning, but also your footwork, your balance, your timing, your rhythm, and also the quality of your punches. What I recommend for people to do is alternate your attention to the various parts; part of the time you're gonna want to be saying, "Am I balanced?" the other part you're gonna want to be thinking "Are my punches straight?" the other part of the time you're thinking, "Is my vision opened or is it closed in?" And so, as Im working here, Im checking out my peripheral vision, looking around it because you always want to be on the defense- the best defense is good peripheral vision. Then I start covering up, I start moving my feet, start jabbing across, cover up, get on balance, move my feet, get on balance, move my hands, get on balance, move my feet, and that's all you gotta do.

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