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11 Aggressive In-Line Skating Tips

Learn eleven aggressive rollerblading tips from in-line skater Tim Phang in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Tim Phang. I'm 23 years old. I've been skating for about 12 years. I'm from Arlington, Virginia which is right outside of Washington, D.C. I'm now sponsored by Universal Skate Design, and I'm going to be talking to you about rollerblading. Learning to aggressive skate, I recommend that you make sure that you have a good pair of aggressive skates uh skates that are made for trying tricks. Generally they have a larger space uh in-between the central wheels that will give you more room to grind, they also won't have a brake uh brakes are pretty dangerous when you are learning to aggressive skate, uh they tend to get in your way, they can get stuck on things and force you essentially to fall pretty hard, also if you just learning how to skate, you might want to consider using small wheels in the center of your frame that will give you a little bit of extra room here uh that way you don't have to worry about them catching when you are trying to grind something. Uh when you come to a skating park you want to be sure that you are courteous to other people uh you know, if you give respect you give respect and uh in a skate part taking turns uh just understanding sort of where other people are in the park and knowing what their general lines are that they take through the park. If lot of people are skating in one direction you generally don't want to skate uh in the opposite direction uh you don't want to be in everybody's way. Of course I always wearer the correct safety gear, uh some of the best advice I can give is make sure that you have the basics down before you come out to a skate park uh and trying to do something that is sort of above your skill level. It is really, really important if you want to prevent injury and continue, and continue to able to skate that you uh that you learn the basics first, that you gradually work your way up to the harder stuff. You should always skate in a location where you know it is safe to skate. Uh for aggressive skating you should always have the permission to skate the area that you and do tricks on that area that you are skating, there is lot of liabilities involved and uh you could get in lot of trouble for skating in places that you are not suppose to, so I definitely recommend coming out to some place of a skate park if there is one close to, if not you can always build your own obstacles you can build small rails and things about nature and set them up around your house.

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