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How to Do a Backhand Smash in Table Tennis aka Ping Pong

Learn how to do a backhand smash from table tennis pro Tahl Leibovitz in this ping pong video from Howcast.


My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I'm here at SPiN, New York. I am a professional table tennis player who has been competing internationally since 1995. I am here today to speak to you about the intermediate and beginner aspects of the Olympic sport of table tennis. I'm now gonna demonstrate the backhand smash. There's a lot of different types of backhands. The one that I'm gonna be talking about is mainly where you sort of start with your racket at your stomach, then you push your racket out. This is just rallying; it's sort of like a rally. Now, when the ball, a lot of times in table tennis the ball's traveling at a very fast speed, so you don't really have time to move your hand back. However, sometimes you get a ball that's very slow. If the ball's slow, it's good to try to get your hand back, and then try to pass through the ball. The main key here is: always try to get your racket to pass through the ball quickly; it's very, very important that you do that on every stroke that you do, especially the backhand. What a lot of people do in Europe is they do a sort of‚ a couple of years ago, they sort of transferred the backhand loop, but they try to pass the ball quickly. Just like that. And that's sort of how you smash the ball with the backhand. And you just smash. Then you're sort of passing the ball quickly. So the main thing with the backhand is to try to get the racket to pass through the ball quickly. So you're starting here and you're just passing it, that's the backhand stroke, just like that.

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