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How to Do a Backhand Loop in Table Tennis aka Ping Pong

Learn how to do a backhand loop from table tennis pro Tahl Leibovitz in this ping pong video from Howcast.


My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I'm here at SPiN, New York. I am a professional table tennis player who has been competing internationally since 1995. I am here today to speak to you about the intermediate and beginner aspects of the Olympic sport of table tennis. Right now I'm gonna demonstrate the backhand loop. What's really important is that we usually loop against three types of balls. The most common ball is the backhand push. When we serve, the player pushes the ball and we wanna spin the ball. Now, the way we do that is that a lot of players wanna drive their first ball;it's not really good to do that, it's good to spin the ball at the table. So what happens is that the ball is pushed and we start with our racket below the ball, so the racket has to be below the ball. And then we spin the ball up, so we're sort of like this. This is the backhand loop against push. Now, the other one is when somebody blocks to us. When somebody blocks to us we come forward and we get on top of the ball. So we're sort of here; sort of getting on top of the ball. Those are actually the two main points. We also have a backhand counter, but that's not really used very much because it's a very high-risk shot, so usually when someone loops, we block, which we'll get to later. But, the backhand loop is where we start below the ball - then we spin the ball. It should travel high when we spin the first ball. It shouldn't travel straight. When they block to us the ball should travel more straight, like that.

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