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How to Do an Around the World Soccer Trick

Learn how to do the soccer trick known as the Around the World from soccer coach Deejae Johnson in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Deejae Johnson, I'm a soccer coach in San Francisco. I've been around the game since I was three years old. I'm a USSFA-licensed soccer coach, as well as NSCAA advanced national coaching badge, and today I'm going to show you some soccer tricks. Around the World: It's more important to have the touch and the timing than it is to have the speed. When you're ready, boom, pop the ball up, get the foot around the ball, and then catch it again with a foot stall. Time it so that as soon as you touch the ball you start making that rotation so that you can catch the ball again. Or if you do it on the juggle, get the touches going, get some nice soft juggles with your foot. As soon as you get that touch that you wanna rotate, pop that foot around the ball, and then continue juggling. Around the World.

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