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How to Give a Massage with Renee French

Learn about Renee French, one of Howcast's massage experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Renee French and I'm here at Practical Massage Therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 12-South neighborhood. I'm from Knoxville, TN, and moved to Nashville in 1999, where I started practicing massage therapy. I started my massage business by offering chair massage at Wild Oats a couple days a week, and slowly built a massage practice from there. In 2006 I graduated from the Kripalu School of Ayurvedic as an Ayurvedic Consultant, and now incorporate that into my business. I believe in cultivating a positive attitude about life and also running my business with that same positive attitude. Here at Practical Massage Therapy we believe that massage therapy is an important part to a healthy lifestyle, and I'm going to be talking about massage therapy.

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