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What Is Thai Massage?

Learn about Thai massage from massage therapist Renee French in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Renee French and I'm here at Practical Massage Therapy in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm going to be talking about massage therapy. Thai massage is also known as Thai yoga massage. In your session of Thai massage you will be fully clothed and the therapist will be working on the floor. The therapist performs this type of massage on a small stack of blankets or a couple of thin mats. It's still setup like a regular massage in a massage room. It's quiet. Usually there's some soft music, maybe some gentle lighting, candles, just like a regular massage. The goal is to follow the subtle energy channels of the body to help the body release and relax into the yoga-like postures. The therapist uses their body weight to help get some gentle, deep stretches of your body. The Thai therapy that I received usually started with the feet and the legs to start to align the body. Starting with the foundation he would work with the feet and the legs to start to release those muscles, and then start to work up into the hips and the low back, and end with the head and neck.

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