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How to Understand Dog Breeds with Julia Szabo

Learn about Julia Szabo, one of Howcast's animal experts, in this video.


I'm Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter, and I am the "Living with Dogs" columnist for For many years I was a fashion journalist, and about 11 years ago I had to have emergency surgery right before fashion week. And so I was basically unable to do my job. So the newspaper that I worked for at the time said, "Well, you know, you've written a couple of interesting articles about pets, and we'd like to see you try it as a weekly column." It completely changed my life. I realized that every single issue that matters -- politics, art, health -- can be described and understood better through dogs and cats and other animals. I wrote my first book called "Animal House Style" all about how you can live stylishly and you don't have to live in a pig sty just because you have animals. So, I decided to write another book, and this one was all about mutts -- it's called "The Underdog: A Celebration of Mutts." I love dogs and I think, nobody's life is complete without one. So I'm here to tell you about a variety of different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you'll adopt one soon.

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