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Pros & Cons of the Labrador Retriever Breed

Learn the pros and cons of owning a labrador retriever from dog expert Julia Szabo in this Howcast video.


I'm Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter, and I am the ""Living with Dogs"" columnist for I've actually written 6 books and I'm hard at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs -- that's as much as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody's life is complete without one. So I'm here to tell you about a variety of different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you'll adopt one soon.

The Labrador Retriever; is probably one of the most popular breeds in the world, certainly in America. It's always in the top 3 of the most popular breeds. They're incredibly great dogs, they can be trained to do so many things.

The most recent interesting application for Labradors in terms of helping humans, is, that, they're amazing at, detecting the, sugar lows, that people with diabetes experience. So, uh, their actually what's called ""Dogs for Diabetics"", that's the group that trains them and what they do, is that, they take dogs, Labradors, who didn't make it through all the way, to the ""Guide Dogs for the Blind Program"", and, for whatever reason they flunked, maybe they liked to rearrange a person's shoes, and you can't do that to a blind person.

So, that dog still has all that amazing training. So, they're recycled to actually help people with Diabetes.

So, um, Labs are incredible, they're very playful, they're very athletic, and they love an athletic owner. A friend of mine, um, she's an editor and a writer, and she runs every single day with her lab. She's actually, like, a marathon runner and the way she stays in shape is running with her lab, and the lab stays in shape, it stays happy, it doesn't destroy the house. Um, they're amazing water dogs. They love to be around the water. So, if your lifestyle in anyway incorporates swimming or boating or any of those things they would love to be with you.

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