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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / A New Beginning - Part 3: Lithreich Labs

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat A New Beginning - Part 3: Lithreich Labs with this online demo.


Female: Attention. All...

Male: Follow me.

Female: Pilots head to mean brief for a tech trial.

Male 1: You've got your task. Move on.

Male 2: Up these stairs. Up these stairs. We don't want to keep the Chairman waiting.

Male 3: Let's move.

Male 4: Get your silence option running up.

Male 5: We are sure increasing.

Male 6: Subunits two, four, seven, 12, 15...

Female: Attention...

Male 2: Come with me.

Female: The Chairman's address to the nation will be airing shortly. Essential personnel are to report to the World Conference immediately. All nonessential personnel report to viewing stations.

Male 7: Docks are free.

Male 8: Are you guys the executioners? Right over there.

Chairman: I know what this nation needs. And I will cut out this disease of compliance and subjugation. So, to honor the Zari, tomorrow we launch the greatest military campaign in our history. And to celebrate that, I will give you justice. Revenge! And the death of his killers. What? You!

Male 9: Yeah, me.

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