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Killzone 3 Walkthrough / Evacuation Orders - Part 1: Escaping Visari's Palace

Check out this Killzone 3 walkthrough and beat Evacuation Orders - Part 1: Escaping Visari's Palace with this online demo.


Rico: Sev. Sev, you okay?

Sev: No Rico, I'm not okay. We had the guy. We had him and you killed him. You killed Visari.

Captain: Yes sir, across the river

Sev: Clear

Captain: Can do, absolutely. Of course general. Tell me he's doing better than he looks

Sev: I'm calling it. Time of death 21:20

Captain: Oh, this is just perfect, just god damned perfect. Troops, listen up. We are mobile in five so pack up your shit. Delta, you know the drill. Hooper, Wheels, ASAP. Where the hell are Valaskas and Senchenko.

Rico: Look Sev, I just did what had to be done

Captain: And I will damn well make sure he gets court martialed six ways to Sunday for it.

Sev: Captain?

Captain: Corporal Senchenko, Sargent Valaskas. Commands pulling the plug. They want us to execute an emergency exit scenario. We're pulling every soldier off this planet.

Rico: We're retreating? I ain't leaving. This war isn't even half finished. What is this bullshit?

Captain: Oh no, this is not how this is going to go down you insubordinate son-of-a-bitch. I should just fast track that court martial and have both of you shot. Now you shut your trap and you listen to me. Is that understood? Is that understood?

Rico: Yes, sir.

Captain: Sargent Valaskas, are you too stupid to follow a direct order to shut the fuck up?

Sev: Captain.

Captain: Okay, listen up. Intel has an advanced Helghast cruiser fleet zeroing in on our position. The general want's us enroute before they show their faces. The best chance we have is to cut through the Visari district and cross the Corinth River. From there it's due east to the extraction point, which is a crater the size of Kansas somewhere underneath that mushroom cloud. We've got one shot at this so we're doing this strictly by the numbers.

Captain: Nice job Hooper. We don't have a lot of these babies, but they're our best bet against whatever the Higs are going to put in our way.

Rico: What the hell is that?

Captain: We need to evac now! Sev, I need you to cover us to save Porter. Move, move, move.

Sev: Fire back.

Rico: At what?

Sev: Everything. Where the hell did that come from? Stop, stop. Yeah.

Rico: Hell yeah. Sev. Sev you okay?

Sev: Yeah. You see anybody else?

Rico: Maybe that way.

Rico: If Narville's still alive, he's headed for the river.

Sev: We can get there if we follow that road below.

Rico: This isn't right man, we shouldn't be running. The Higs are gonna pick us off, one by one.

Sev: I don't see anyone. Wait, there's a couple of Higs up ahead. Let's kill them quietly before they see us. Good enough.

Rico: Stay on my tail.

Sev: Where the hell is the rest of the convoy?

Rico: Stick together

Man 1: Hey sarge, over here.

Sev: Where are the others?

Man 1: No idea. We think they're through this square. Come on, the river's this way!

Sev: Good work. Come on, let's go.

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